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Do I Need a Commercial Survey

If you're planning or designing a new commercial building, a commercial survey can help you to identify how it will look once built with views from the inside.

A wise investment

You should invest in a commercial property 3D survey whenever you’re constructing a new office or storefront for your business. Ensure that your designs are exactly the way you want them to be at the actual construction site long before the building commences. Eliminate any questions you have regarding the management of your office layout.
Having your business built from scratch and being surprised by the results is the last thing you want. You can get a better understanding of what to expect from our commercial surveyors by:
    • It is best to visualize your concept in a finished form before you ever lay a single stone. Identify where the blueprints will need to be adjusted and if the aesthetics are appropriate.
    • A commercial surveyor can produce an accurate model of your building to give you a better idea of how it will fit in with the rest of the street.
    • Even before the work begins, take a tour of the finished building. Using every vantage point within your building, we’ll show you what the view will be like. Would you like to plan the interior design of your office around a grand entrance hall or an impressive lobby? Let us create a 3D survey of your commercial property.

What you can expect from SURV3D

  • We are a 3D surveying company that excels in this field, not just dabble in it. Each of our surveyors is well-trained and understands the ins and outs of an effective 3D survey for commercial land.
  • They are equipped with the latest technology. To make sure that our clients have the latest technology, we keep on top of new developments in 3D surveying.
  • From start to finish, our work is completed in-house. In addition to conducting the survey, analysing the data, and presenting the 3D model, you’ll also interact with the same team. We do not outsource because we have first-hand knowledge of the site.
  • A team with more than 30 years of experience. By combining the best of the past with what we’ve learned along the way, we create something new. Our friendly demeanor will put you at ease, while our competence delivers the results you need.

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