Photogrammetry & UAV

Take Full Advantage of Modern Technology

Is it worth it to invest in a drone survey? Alternatively, is there a great reason to use this service instead of a more traditional survey? Below are a few benefits we offer:

Drone Mapping

Utilise traditional surveying techniques along with modern technology to the fullest. A drone survey can provide you with all the conventional deliverables of a survey, along with additional capabilities for interpreting the data.

Faster & More Accurate

Even the most challenging sites can be surveyed quickly. By flying back and forth across a property, a drone can snap many more images and gather more data than a human can. No matter how large the area under survey is, we can complete the survey within a short timeframe.

Licensed Aerial Surveyors

Our CaSa & ReOc licenced aerial surveyors use the latest drone software to survey large areas in a timely manner.

From bulk earthworks and volume calculations to rooftop and adjoining information, we create highly accurate 3D models using traditional survey techniques and photogrammetry as surveyors.
Computer-aided building design relies more than ever on accurate data. It is surprisingly easy for a project to slip behind schedule before it has even begun without the capability to quickly and easily survey a site to obtain the necessary information. We strive to eliminate or reduce the obstacles to the next phase of your efforts. 
By using our GNSS smartnet, we keep our survey control accuracy to +/-20mm on all drone photogrammetry surveys. All surveys are performed on AHD and GDA2020.

A Birds-Eye-View

Drones have revolutionised the pre-planning phases of construction like few other technologies. Using aerial drones drastically reduces turnaround time on key deliverables, which once took hours or even days to accomplish. UAVs can also be used to send various payloads aloft to gather a variety of data. Photogrammetric analysis of bulk earthworks can be done with a drone, for example, to determine rapid volume calculations. Our team at Surv3D is excited to offer a fresh perspective on this emerging technology to clients of all sizes.

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