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Do I Need a Residential Survey?

Are you planning or designing a new home/project? A survey will help you to identify how it will look once built with views from the inside.

Choosing a Residential Surveyor

It doesn’t matter if youre a commercial developer or a soon-to-be homeowner, enlisting residential surveyor is an essential first step. Modern surveying methods allow you to peek into the future to develop the best plan possible. Additionally, this simplifies planning and prevents costly errors and time-consuming ad hoc redesigns after construction begins. At SURV3D, we offer our clients experience and agility, delivering high-value results even within tight timeframes. 

What you can expect from SURV3D as your residential Surveyor

  • Sydney’s most friendly, attentive service. We provide our clients with regular updates on the progress of the project and often complete work more quickly than traditional surveyors.
  • Our approach is comprehensive. Despite our speed, we make sure everything is done correctly by taking our time. Ensure that everything is in working order before recording even one data point. 
  • Understanding the results of the survey with insights and explanations. We can also coordinate directly with your builder to help inform the planning of your structure. 

What Sets us Apart as a Residential Surveyor in Sydney?

However, why should you put your trust in our team? Doing things right the first time is not just desirable, but it’s crucial when building a new home. Having this in mind, we strive to provide our clients with all the critical data points they need. Our strengths include:

    • We have a team of experienced surveyors who are knowledgeable in areas including professional drafting, BIM modeling, LIDAR (laser) scanning, and more, making us one of the most versatile residential building surveyors in Sydney.
    • In addition to time-tested techniques, we use the latest drone technology.
    • Quotes are provided immediately. Gain a sense of the investment needed to secure the data you need without opening your wallet to do so. Providing a detailed quote is no problem for us, and our services are highly cost-effective.

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