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Surv3D is a Sydney surveying and spatial consulting firm that offers a wide range of services. As a team that serves both the public and private sectors, we are committed to delivering accurate and reliable data in a manner consistent with the highest industry standards.

It is our aim to provide innovative and tailored solutions that suit the unique requirements of each project. Therefore, our surveying team is well experienced in all aspects of traditional surveying. This is imperative to providing clients with a fast turnaround time.

Engineering Survey

We offer a variety of engineering services

  • Surveys of underground utility systems
  • Volume calculations
  • Earthworks surveys
  • Construction of roads, railways, bridges, and tunnels
  • Operation and control of machines

In civil engineering, an engineering survey can refer to a variety of activities undertaken by surveyors. The Surv3D team has a wide range of experience supporting civil infrastructure projects, including roads, tunnels, bridges, earthworks and monitoring.

Construction Survey

Our Surveys and services for construction include:

  • Layout of buildings and structures
  • Works as executed/as-built surveys
  • Precast panel set out & as built surveys

During construction surveying, key design elements are positioned and laid out. Construction set-outs are required for the establishment of preliminary sites through the identification of completed structures.

Surv3D offers surveying services for a variety of construction projects, including residential developments, commercial developments, and civil infrastructure projects.

Cadastral Survey

Among the services we provide in Cadastral are:

  • Detail surveys
  • Boundary surveys & peg out surveys
  • Strata subdivision
  • Identification surveys
  • Easements plans
  • Consolidation, subdivision, redefinition
  • As-built surveys & Land titling

For residential property owners, builders, developers and architects, Surv3D provides a wide range of cadastral surveys.

Hydrographic Survey


  • Dams
  • Wharfs
  • Rivers, waterways and open water bodies
  • Marine based construction
  • Ports, harbours and coastal surveys
  • Submarine cable routes

The science of hydrography is the measurement and description of the physical properties of bodies of water, as well as the land adjacent to those bodies of water.

In addition to providing hydrographic, bathymetric and mapping surveying solutions, Surv3D also has a range of marine-based applications.

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